Lazy Saturday

The boy and I are taking advantage of a lazy Saturday by sitting around and doing nothing. Isn’t that the best? We’re letting our stomachs and minds rest in preparation for dinner tonight at Distrito. The restaurant is run by executive chef Jose Garces of Amada and Tinto fame. I love Amada for their Spanish tapas so I’m excited to try Garces’s take on Mexican tapas. If Distrito is as good as Amada, I’ll be checking out Tinto very, very soon.

We found out about Distrito when we picked up a copy of Philadelphia Magazine to check out their new list of the 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia. Here’s what Philly Mag has to say about Distrito, which they ranked in the number 7 spot:

The mango margaritas flow, the neon-pink walls glow, and the roaming mariachi sings his heart out at Jose Garces’s whimsical homage to Mexico City. You might find the sensory overload overwhelming, but this manic space feels just right in University City, where diners include compulsively texting Penn students, hard-drinking docs, and young West Philly families. The focus is on the flash here, but Garces’s gourmet versions of Mexican street food—tacos, tamales, guacamole—are shockingly elegant, not to mention some of the best eats we’ve had anywhere all year. This culinary carnival is not only pure fun, but a shining example of how Garces manages to brilliantly achieve diversity while never straying too far from what he does best. Order: Skirt steak nachos.

One of the first things I noticed in the review was the mention of mango margaritas. Score! Then, upon reviewing the menu, I noticed a drink called Blue Demon Mojito. I love me a good mojito. This mojito, however, has rum, fresh blueberries and mint. I cannot think of something I would rather drink. The other thing that drew me to the menu is the chef’s tasting option for $35 per person. I just may cash in on that deal. The boy and I may possibly add a few extra plates because some of the items on the menu sound too great to pass up if they are not included in the tasting. For example, it would be a shame to go all the way there and miss out on the Los Hongos huaraches (Mexican flatbread) with forest mushrooms, huitlacoche sauce, queso mixto, black truffle and corn shoots.

Full review after my food baby stops kicking.


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